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What we are: 

Protection for Legal & Human Rights Foundation is a Non- Government, Non-political, Charitable, Voluntary, Social & Human Rights Organization. It has been working Voluntarily Service for many years. Protection for Legal & Human Rights Foundation is working in Bangladesh & many countries in the world. The Organization has 20 (Twenty) Thousand Volunteers working for the Peoples Service in Bangladesh and aboard. This organization has Enlisted by NGO Branch- Department of Social & Economic Affairs in the United Nations. The Organization has Registered by the Government of the people’s Republic of Bangladesh under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. Govt. Registration No: S- 13200.  This organization is working for the welfare of Poor, Neglected, Destitute, Helpless people of Bangladesh and abroad. It also works for poor ding leading help, food, education, Children, Old Home, Desirable Persons on the other hand Free legal aid project by whole of Bangladesh this organization has executive Committee, Divisional, District, City Corporation, Municipal, Police Station, Union Perished Committee Service legal aid with his penal lawyers on the other hand Trained for Member Human rights upgrade ion, Human development, Small industrial interplanar with jointly ministry of industry Bangladesh Tanning (NPO), General Press Tanning Programs for development Humanity and Press act with jointly Bangladesh Press Council, Election Observer Monitoring Tannin, General Knowledge for Utility buildup in Law. This organization seeks to make awareness of human rights so as to empower citizens to negotiate their rights.


This is a Non-profit, Non– political partisan and Non– Governmental Social Development Organization for the service of the welfare and development of the society. This Society will work for the Implementation of its following aims and objectives for the service of the people at the grassroots level irrespective of casts, creed, region, race, disability, age or religion.

The persons who are also the founder of the organization are high eminence in the society having wide experience in the development field including mass communication and media; social study, action research, and the humanitarian work in Bangladesh & abroad.

The founder being desirous of establishing development organization with a view to continuing the work and/ or undertake work similar to that of the aforesaid activities have decided to entrust convey, transfer and grant certain properties including sums of money as set out below in implementation of the goal and objectives of the organization.


To lead the activities of building up the nation for the sake of country and people. To conduct participatory action research activities on poverty, marginalization, and development. To find out appropriate strategies for poverty alleviation. To facilitate social actions to eradicate poverty, ignorance and underdevelopment. To promote knowledge-based community through media and Information Technology for disadvantaged people and the community. To inform people about the existing law and policy in favor of people. To facilitate the marginalized population of the society to search the way of raising voice for pro-poor policymaking for development. To facilitate the various type of activism on human rights, advocacy, awareness-raising. To facilitate social activism in favor of disadvantaged and deprived population. To facilitate people to establish accountability of service providing organizations for better service. To inform, educate and mobilize people for basic rights and human rights. To support local press and media to ensure information flow in favor of peripheral people. To facilitate the establishment of community radio to disseminate necessary information and views for better livelihood and development. To publish various types of documents, newsletter, documentary on rights, media, education, gender, developments. To facilitate advocacy, lobby and seek alliances for policy formulation and reform. To facilitate the formulation of coastal development policy. To facilitate the voice of the poor to facilitate and participate in survival strategies of the rural poor to gain socio-economic sustainability and a better livelihood standard. To minimize the digital divide by providing assistance for the community ITC center. To enhance monitoring of media coverage and promoting information flow. To rapport building, mutual friendship, networking, sharing and mutual exchange of love and affection of all members and staff, partner organizations, community people, civil society will form unity, assistance, tolerance, community, and brother-hood at every level. To arrange different programs and initiatives to go on a sound, healthy and creative cultural movement with a view to remolding native culture. To go on full cordial attempt to remove the violence against women, dowry custom, etc. and will include special educational programs for the rights issue, governance issue, gender issue, women empowerment, etc. To adopt various voluntary works and initiatives like neat and cleanliness campaign, tree plantation campaign, programs against the city environment pollution, voluntary blood donation ceremony, eye treatment and donation program after death, campaign for good governance, globalization movement, fair trade movement, Local/National/International issue-based rights movements, etc. To take grants, donations, technical expertise or any other help, needed for its smooth operation, functioning and development and for overall betterment of the disadvantaged targeted community including women, surroundings and environment, from person, local and international donor agencies, financial organizations, autonomous body, banks, government, local government authorities. 


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Head Quarter: 56, Shokh Center, Purana paltan, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh. Webmai:, Email:, Hotline: +8801779369963, 01717166737. 

 All Europe: +393478556597, Italy: +393888974378, UK: +447577417014, African Region (Morocco): +21 2613894352, Saudi Arabiah: +9660532204237. 

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