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                                     Legal Aid Services:


1. The Organization is Providing legal aid according to the Memorandum of Articles and Constitution of Organization, Bangladesh`s common law and United Nations declared Universal Human Rights declaration-1948 may follow. 


2. Legal advisors and panel liaisons of nearly all the districts of the district and metropolitan courts of Bangladesh, which number about 200 people, have decided. Providing legal advice and assistance to those who are oppressed, oppressed, helpless, poor, law and human rights protection.


3. The organization has been providing labor law support through labor courts by sealing labor support through 10 wise lawyers to provide legal assistance in accordance with labor laws, including realizing all kinds of facilities for workers, especially garment workers, in order to enforce the workers` fair rights.


4. In accordance with the prevailing law for disputes in the context of the application of a person or group under subsection 13 and 14 of the constitution of this organization, the settlement is settled by arbitration / arbitration or forfeiture meeting by giving notice to both parties. In this case, the agency`s investigation team, with the assistance of the local administration, investigated the matter on a regular basis and submitted the report in the form of a recommendation to the concerned public-private offices for necessary arrangements.


5. The organization is conducting child marriage prevention programs in coordination with government agencies to prevent child marriage.


6. The organization conducts various awareness programs, including seminars, seminars, and provides legal assistance to women and children against torture, dowry, and sexual harassment.


7. The Organization has been working to cure drug addicts, including distributing leaflets, promoting ideas about drug misuse, building social movements against drugs, in order to raise public awareness about drug abuse. In addition, don`t tell alcohol, there is a social movement in the slogan.


8. The organization has been providing various public awareness programs, meetings, seminars and training for skilled human rights and social worker exchanges to protect the law and human rights.


9. In the event of any occurrence of human rights and law violations by the agency or if public lettings are interfered with, the High Court of the Supreme Court tries to resolve the matter by filing a writ petition with the relevant office.


10.The organization works for the welfare of the underprivileged expatriate Bangladeshis. In addition, the company has been cooperating on immigration issues.



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