View The organization works for Human Rights Protection & Social Justice. Bangladesh is an ideal place to work for the protection of human rights. Protection for Legal & Human Rights Foundation has long been working tirelessly to protect the legal and human rights of the poor, helpless, and oppressed.
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Seminar and Training Program:


1. The organization has been providing various public awareness programs, meetings, seminars and training for skilled human rights and social worker exchanges to protect the law and human rights.


2. Through various government and non-governmental organizations such as Bangladesh Press Council, Dhaka Press Club, Weekly Newspaper Council, Federation of Bangladesh Journalists Organization, organize training workshops on the formation of skilled journalists and human rights activists in newspapers.


3. Training is organized to create skilled industrial entrepreneurs and human rights activists.


4. Conducts seminars and training workshops on drug prevention.


5. In order to observe local and national elections in Bangladesh, the Election Commission, in collaboration with the Election Monitoring Forum, gives a careful report on the basis of the policies of the Bangladesh Election Commission. In addition, the press briefing was conducted after observing the national elections of different countries.



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