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Pollution & Tree Plantation Program:


1. The capital of Bangladesh, among other countries of the world, is in dire danger due to the high levels of air pollution. Due to air pollution, people are suffering from various diseases including hunger, cough, fever, pneumonia, high blood pressure, heart block.


According to the World Health Organization statistics, Bangladesh is ranked second in the world in air pollution, such as uncontrolled driving, road repairs, garbage dumping on time, non-drainage on time, water pollution, the black wash of factories and cars, black smoke by brick-and-mortar wash. Has been done
In order to prevent these issues, leaflets are distributed to the general public and all concerned to take information and other measures, including information to the administration, to stop illegal bricklaying. 


2. Noise is a serious health hazard. As a result, there is less hearing in the ears, heart attack, heart failure, etc. In order to prevent noise, drivers are taking initiatives to comply with traffic laws, including raising awareness and advising them not to use hydraulic horns.


3.  It is taking the necessary steps, including building public opinion to implement safe roads.


4.  Planting trees to save the environment, arrangement of trees in different areas of schools, colleges, and localities to create movement. Giving trees to the people. Public awareness program on the loss of trees and environmental pollution.

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